General information about forms

This is one of two main entrances to the grammar of Danish talk-in-interaction (the other one being Actions). This entry is structured so that you will find the smallest units descending to the larger units.

The units here are Sounds, Morphemes, Word classes/Parts of speech, Phrases, Clauses and sentences, Discourse units, Other expressions (not words), and Repetitions. This division is similar to that found in traditional grammars, except from the fact that spoken language contains types of units that are not always included in grammars, for instance Discourse units, Other expressions and Repetitions.


Under each unit you will find an explanation of what entries we have included for that unit. New entries are continuously added so that we eventually have a complete description of all the units of spoken language. 


In addition to proceeding as a traditional grammar, we also take into consideration what status the different units have in a conversation. For instance, whether a unit can be used independently, as a turn-constructional unit. We distinguish lexical units (i.e. words, see Word classes), phrasal units (see Phrases), sentences (see Clauses and sentences) and larger units (see Discourse units).




Further reading

Christensen & Christensen (2009). An easily approachable yet thorough account of Danish grammar.


Hansen & Heltoft (2011). The largest work on Dansih grammar. Three volumes.


Steensig (2001). A piece that among other things describes how to construct turn-constructional units in Danish.


Steensig (2011). English encyclopedia entry about turn taking and turn-constructional units. Extensive and updated.